Couches, elegance and distinction

The daybeds are elegant pieces that will give an exclusive touch to any room in your home. Extraordinary furniture that attracts attention at first sight being the protagonist of all eyes. Here we share some proposals where you will undoubtedly find the one that best suits your style. Put a couch in your life !!

Origin of the Divan

The first news we have of a divan dates from the Ottoman Empire. In principle, it is a simple mattress with a lateral elevation to support the arms. At the beginning of the XNUMXth century they came to Europe thanks to the literary romanticism of the time, beginning to form part of both public premises and homes.

But its true revolution took place with the arrival of Psychoanalysis in the XNUMXth century where its creator Sigmund Freud began to use it in his consultations and in this way it spread to his followers.

Couches with Design and Style

Comfort and versatility

Without neglecting its natural beauty, these pieces of furniture stand out for both their comfort and versatility. Being able to have a multitude of functions such as resting, reading, waiting, etc.

When decorating a space they are a magnificent tool since they are decorative pieces as well as practical ones. On the other hand, although they are furniture that is usually purchased individually, they adapt and combine very well with any type of decoration or furniture.

As with all our articles, we can customize any daybed in all our finishes and fabrics, thus offering a very wide range of possibilities for this piece that will dazzle on its own.

If you like our couches we invite you to see the rest of lounge furniture we have to furnish your home.

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