​​Modern coffee tables: Advantages and tips

What is better than sitting with your friends around a modern coffee table? In Franco Furniture We know how important these pieces of furniture are, and we want to talk to you about them in depth, so that you too can enjoy this magnificent accessory in your living room.

Why buy a modern coffee table?

Coffee tables can be much more useful than they seem at first glance, and for this reason there may be some people who have doubts about the reasons for buying or not buying a piece of furniture of this style. After all, it is often perceived as a complement to the sofa, but the truth is that it can be quite the opposite. Here are some of the advantages that having a side table of this type in your living room can bring you:

  • Ideal support for drinks: You don't have to get up to enjoy a drink in your lounge if you don't want to. Whether you want to have a drink, a coffee or a tea on the sofa in your living room, with or without visitors, the coffee table is a very accessible surface and just at the height you need. If we add to this that it has a lifting surface, even better, don't you think?
  • decorate the room: It seems incredible, but this becomes one of the lounge furniture most indispensable when you start using it. Without one next to your sofa, it seems as if it would be incomplete, and it really is, because they form a set. A designer coffee table or modern decorates and perfectly complements the style. It also serves as a platform to introduce other decorations, such as vases or plants.
  • Maximum accessibility: In addition to being used as a drink holder, we must not forget that we are talking about a table accessible from the sofa. This means that there you can place anything you want to have close at hand and you prefer to have somewhere specific, like the TV remote. It can also be a fantastic stand for playing board games.

Types of modern coffee tables

If the previous point has seemed interesting to you, surely you are wondering what you can do to choose the best coffee table for you. The truth is that there are many options on the market, but the ones we recommend are the modern coffee tables, which usually incorporate a much more original and attractive design.

Within our catalog, we present different varieties that may be interesting:

Design coffee table

Within the world of tables, glass coffee tables They are becoming a classic, and it is not by chance.

El Cristal, as a transparent surface that it is, allows the table to occupy less visual space in the room, increasing the feeling of spaciousness throughout the space, and better visibility to the rest of the decoration. It also blocks less light passing through the room, which improves lighting. For all this, it is a perfect alternative for small rooms.

To all this, is added the fact that the design of the lower part of the table stands out above all. When you bet on modern designs, what happens is that it ends up looking like instead of a coffee table you have a sculpture in the center of your room, and without a doubt this adds a certain feeling of category.

Keep in mind that glass is a very versatile material, and therefore there are many coffee table ideas that can include it, such as those with curved or round shapes.

Modern coffee table with glass top

curved shapes

If you want to make the most of the simplicity of glass tables, something you can do is bet on curved shapes in the decorative part. In the example you can see how well a table of this type combines in any context, and makes it a very noticeable decorative element.

In this case, the decision to get a table with curved shapes in its lower part will be a matter of taste.

Modern style round coffee table


Do not forget that the tables RoundWhether they are made of glass or not, they also have their charm and utility among the alternatives that we are showing you.

When you bet on a round table, you do so because it is much more accessible than a square or rectangular table, in which some guests could find a song and be uncomfortable.

If you usually have many visitors or you simply think that round shapes suit you in the composition of your living room, a round table may be ideal for you.

Modern design coffee table

Can't decide on any modern coffee table? You will see that there are many alternatives, and one of the most striking, due to its originality, is this divided model, which allows you to have two tables in one. Think of it as a design option, which can also be very practical in some situations.

Imagine that you have several armchairs and sofas in your living room, and the room is very large, but you do not want to buy several coffee tables, or have to move the armchairs every time you meet with your friends. What could you do?

Without a doubt, a divided table could be the solution: It would allow you to move both parts of the table to bring each one closer to the two ends of the room, and thus enjoy the support for drinks or snacks. It may not seem like it, but it is very practical and original.

Modern lift-up coffee table


Another type of table that is not always taken into account are liftable coffee tables, which allow you to bring the table top closer when you are lying comfortably on the sofa. 

This is perfect for parties or even also if you intend use the computer while sitting comfortably. Although, for your productivity, we do not recommend working from the living room.

In addition to the ability to rise, this type of table also often contains a very practical bottom space, where you can store anything you want. Depending on what you use, it can be books, plates, cups, magazines, your computer, etc.

Modern design coffee table


Did you know that coffee tables can include small leds that illuminate it from below? This can allow you to enhance the presence of the table much more, and give your living room a much more modern look, perhaps enhancing other aspects, as can be seen in the example photograph.

These are all the types of modern coffee table that we recommend, and that you could see in the catalog of Franco Furniture. Here are some more tips for you to enjoy this new piece of furniture to the fullest.

Coffee table with LED lights

5 tricks to decorate your coffee table with style

It is not enough to know how to choose the best modern coffee table for your living room, you also have to know how to decorate it correctly. After all, leaving it as it has arrived could be lacking in personality, unless you already enjoy a very well decorated room. Therefore, here we share some decoration tricks.

Bet on minimalism

Something common, especially in homes where not much work is usually done on the decorative style, is overload the coffee tables with decoration. If you want to fit well, use the photographs that we have as an example, and you will see that just one or two elements on top of the furniture can be more than enough to make it look much more.

Also take into account the glass tables and the decorative potential of their lower parts in the form of sculpture. When they are so original and striking, it is not even necessary to complement them with an object.

Horizontal flowers and decorations

If you are going to introduce flowers in the decoration of your coffee table, be sure to use plants that are short, since you are decorating a horizontal object and it should not interrupt the visibility of the television. Keep in mind that a decoration that is too vertical (whether it is a plant or not) could break the decorative composition.

The potential of books

The creative writing They are a perfect element of decoration, as well as being a source of entertainment.

If you want to enjoy your time on the sofa to the fullest, perhaps after lunch, consider leaving a book that you had planned to read easily accessible. If you have it at hand, you will begin to use it much more, and as we already told you, it is an addition that looks great in the living room, because it gives it an intellectual touch.

Varies in materials

If your table is made of wood, avoid putting decorations that are of the same material. The same happens, for example, with glass tables. Redundancy doesn't always look good.

Work in a variety of materials and be as creative as it takes to avoid making your table design boring. Bet on porcelain pieces, plastic candles, transparent cups...

Hide the inelegant elements

Although visitors will never tell you, the truth is that there are various elements that can hinder the elegance of your coffee table

One of those elements is television controls. Yes, we know that having them on hand is an advantage, but they are not exactly the best decoration for a table, so when the guests come make sure to store them somewhere and rid your table of unwanted objects.

As you have seen, there are many different varieties and options of modern coffee tables so you can enjoy. We hope we have helped you choose and decorate with this article, and you already know that in our catalog there is only the best in high-quality furniture.

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