Dress your home in Lucena

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The municipal delegation of Training for Employment, Promotion and Business Development of the Lucena City Council has wanted to bring together all companies in the furniture, wood and related activities sector within a web platform that is being designed under the name Dress your home in Lucena.

furniture factory in lucena

This initiative, made public by the councilor responsible for this area, the first deputy mayor Teresa Alonso, responds to one of the requests that have been working in the Furniture Table, coordinated by the Lucena City Council, in order to favor the digitization of the sector as a resource that enhances the business possibilities of local companies.

Lucena's new furniture platform

The new website will be structured as a directory of companies, wholesalers and retailers, segmented by type of products, showing the geolocation of each firm and its basic information, such as contact information, website, online store or social profiles, if any. In addition, this page aims to collect and disseminate the different promotional actions that the sector and the City Council jointly implement around the Lucena, furniture city campaign.

Among these companies is our firm Franco Furniture as well as different local manufacturers of reference in the national and international furniture sector.

Dress your home in Lucena

Video where the responsible councilor talks about the launch of the platform

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