The National Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters of Spain. It is a non-profit association, with a route path 30 years in the furniture sector.
The association is supported by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness as a partner , still valid interlocutor between the Administration and the furniture sector.
taking from 1988 management Furniture Sector Plan in close cooperation with Spanish ICEX.


Work as an association:

Basically it consists of Spain boost of furniture in international markets. Its activity is focused and information manufacturer Spanish furniture directed and foreign trade, being:

·    Industry representatives to the Administration. Negotiate and represent our industry in its task of internationalization.
·    Promotional activities. Develop and develop Furniture Sector Plan Spanish (set of actions aimed at internationalization furniture manufacturer and supported financially).
·    Information management. Developed sectoral market information which pointed out from the key aspects for marketing furniture to contact listings to the profile of the product.
·    Information and management of government aid
·    Communication. Produce and disseminate news of partners in various media and between contacts and prescribers
·    And channel partners do reach the demands of furniture coming from international contacts.

Furniture Spain

It is the mark of the association brand in international markets. represents the values ​​of the Spanish industry with all its variety of styles, It is the passion and creativity in making each piece, our main differential value.
With it we are present in all the actions that we develop internationally, and under it are all our associates.
Furniture Spain is recognized internationally, with presence in the most important international fairs in the sector.

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