Choose a double bedroom

El honeymoon suite It must be a room where the hours pass peacefully, hence the importance of selecting a furniture design that fits us.

At Franco Furniture © we have current models with many possibilities when choosing style, color or measurements. Always with the quality and guarantee of a furniture manufacturer with more than 40 years in the reference sector in both the national and international markets.

Modern Marriage Bedrooms

Furniture catalog with many options

Whether you are clear about what you are looking for or if you still have doubts in our wide bedroom catalog You will find the most successful solutions.

Marriage Bedroom Headboard

Head for Marriage Bedroom


HR marriage rooms They are the ideal space to share unique experiences with the loved one, where the maximum union is achieved as a couple, as friends and as lovers.

Take your time and choose quality furniture for life.

Where to buy your bedroom furniture?

Como furniture maker At home, both living rooms and bedrooms, we have a network of distributors throughout the country, furniture and decoration stores where they can inform you of everything you need to know about our furniture.

If you need to know a point of sale near your town, leave us your query here:


Tips for having an ideal bedroom

Tips to achieve harmony in your most personal room:

Avoid at all costs having messy documents in sight, the bedroom is for a great variety of activities, but among them work is not included.

Use colors that make them feel relaxed and at peace, avoiding a little strong colors or too many bright ones.

Having good ventilation and allowing the air to circulate freely, thus avoiding the permanence of unpleasant odors and humidity.

Avoid using televisions and sleep distracting devices.

Possess an object that distributes music of your liking in a relaxing way.

Elegant Bedrooms

Have good lighting throughout the area.

A bed that is comfortable and pleasant to lie on along with various types of cushioned pillows.

Finally, in order to achieve excellent finishes, great comfort and incredible intimacy and connection with your partner, our new line of bedrooms offers a wide variety of models, adapted to the highest demands of the clients and to the place where the couple resides.

30 movie bedrooms

If you liked our bedroom proposals we are convinced that our hall furniture You will love it.

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