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The bedroom of your dreams

The bedroom is the most personal room in the home, long ago that the bedroom ceased to be the room where exclusively sleep, to become one more living room. More space for the location of dressing rooms, including bathrooms and items such as flat-screen televisions and the arrival of mobile devices have meant that more and more time is spent in the bedroom.

The recent state of the housing market in Spain has led to the bedrooms becoming smaller and smaller, so furniture manufacturers have had to play with appropriate measures for these new needs. Nightstands narrow, hanging headboards, and the proliferation of chiffoniers on the perfect they are examples of the new needs that have been covered.

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At FRANCO FURNITURE, as a furniture manufacturer for years, we have a strong commitment to make bedroom design taking care of the quality and betting on the exclusivity of our bedrooms.

All our collections have great variety of measures to satisfy all the needs of our clients. All this taking care of every last detail. Since headboards giants to narrow tables.

Access our proposals for marriage bedrooms and without a doubt you will find the model that best suits your needs, both aesthetic and practical, with all the guarantees. Franco Furniture his bedroom manufacturer.

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